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Custom artwork makes perfect gift

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Are you looking for a gift that stops people in their tracks?

Something that will blow away people when they see it?  The perfect gift is one-of-kind, handcrafted, and captures all of the attention in the room. What's more, it is personal because it tells the story of its owner. It showcases the things they love, places they are from, meaningful sayings. It's a gift they will talk about forever.

You help create that custom gift

I've got what you're looking for. I create handcrafted piece of art that i developed following a thoughtful interview with you. You tell me what’s special to you or your recipient, or pick a theme you like, and I use your information to create a custom gift like no other.

See examples of my custom art

Most of my clients have great stories to tell. Let me tell yours.  Check out my projects and client testimonials to see examples of the custom artwork I have created for my clients over the years. Feel free to email me your request. Then we can set an up a call to put your gift in the works.

Good things come to those who wait

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I have a client who ordered a license plate guitar featuring the Beatles and Abbey Road last year. When most clients order a custom gift for a birthday or special occasion they say they can wait. But once they get the artwork they have a hard time keeping the secret. 

I always like to check back with my clients to make sure they are happy and to see how the artwork was received. I would email Sonya from time to time to see if she was able to hold out. She finally gave it to him last night, and proudly shared this photo.

To my surprise she did and in the process I made a new friend. We would share funny stories about what was going on here and there and life in general.

I never knew that being an artist would create a pathway to all these great people and stories. I feel very blessed to have the best clients in the world.

So remember: good things do come to those who wait.

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