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You learn something from everyone in life. From these people, I learned how to give back.

Three years ago, I started helping Ray and Erin Evernham with their charity Ignite when Ray, a client, needed some artwork for his annual charity auction. He's a car guy from New Jersey with a racing background.  My artwork has helped raise money for this important organization. It really makes me feel great to know that I can make a difference and help out.

I created this piece for Erin and Ray when they recently celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary and Ray's 60th birthday. The license plate art represents their love of racing and the states they are from. They have two kids featured on the sides and a shamrock represents Erin's Irish heritage.

It's a custom, personalized gift that represents a milestone and special occasion.  Best wishes to this couple.



Personalized wedding gift tells a great story

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My artwork is always about my clients and their lives. So when I get commissioned to create a unique gift for that special day  -- in this case to celebrate a wedding -- it's always a reflection of the road the couple traveled.

This custom wedding gift was ordered by the groom for his bride. The bride was in the US Air Force in Alaska and loves nature and all the wild life associated with that state. The groom has very a specific nickname for his bride, "My Angel," and requested that be featured prominently along with his favorite saying "I love you more."

They were both originally born in North Carolina and wanted that mixed in but he requested that Alaska be front and center. He also said his wife had a tattoo of the Alaska flag and stars.

I used the Alaska gold rush tags on the face because the blue used in the plate is a very close match to the US Air Force blue. The sides have the Carolina tags and the center is the bear for her love of wildlife. The top features their wedding date and the Alaska flag is just like her tattoo.

The sides of the wedding gift feature the wedding song "Green Eyes" as well as the bride's birth date.

I think their story has transformed well into a personalized piece of art, and you can see that in the final piece.

Wedding gift tells couple's story in license plates

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My client, Robin, and her fiancé were at their favorite bar during a trip to in Nashville when she saw a piece of my artwork hanging on the wall. She was immediately captivated.

After returning home, she googled "license plate guitar" and found my website. She asked about creating a piece to tell their story as a wedding gift.

I quickly agreed. My artwork is perfect for telling a personal story about people and the things they love. This one-of-a-kind, handcrafted piece of art can't be bought in a store.

During a phone interview with Robin, I learned about all the places the couple have lived and visited over the years. Than I added elements that are special to them in a priority order on the face of the license plate guitar.

Robin told me they are from North Carolina, Michigan and Pennsylvania. They've been to Tennessee. love Nashville and Estes Park CO. I used all those states on the face of the piece. They've taken many trips to the Outer Banks NC - often known as “OBX”. I featured their wedding date at top on the keys June 13-2015. Pirates is written in license plates down the neck because they are big baseball fans. The number 57 appears in the center hole because it holds special meaning to them.

On the bridge I spelled out their names Robin + Sean. At the bottom appears their family name Cowan.

The guitar was a hit. You can read how much the custom wedding gift was appreciated in their testimonial, which appears here on my website. Thank you, Robin and Sean, for allowing me to create this gift as start your lives together.

Wedding gift