Peter Geiger

License Plate Art

How do we get started?

First, let me know which style of guitar you’d like me to create. The most popular styles are acoustic, Les Paul, stratocaster and telecaster. But I have no limits on guitar styles. I've done Gibson SGs, Gibson large bodies, banjos, basses and even rare makes like Buscarinos. I can replicate any style guitar in license plates. Then I need to know what plates you want to feature, as well any special dates, like anniversaries or birth dates, plus any special sayings or nick names you’d like to see on the guitar. I’ll put it all together.

How much is a custom guitar? 

Custom pieces start at $800 and increase depending on the plates used and how much detail is involved. Prices do not include shipping and handling. I provide the final cost once we determine what you want on the guitar, and a zip code so I can calculate shipping and handling.

Do I need to provide the plates? What if I have plates I want you to use?

You do not need to provide plates. I have hundreds to choose from. However, if you have a special plate or plates you want me to feature, you can send them to me with the payment and I can incorporate them into the piece.

How long does it take to make the piece? 

It takes three to five weeks from the time I receive payment.

What is the payment process?

I accept payment in full before beginning all custom work. I accept most forms of payment.

Where can I see more examples of your custom work?

Visit my custom license plate guitar gallery to see my commissions, as well as my Facebook page to see examples of the work I create for my clients.

Do you have any pieces in stock that I can buy?

I usually have license plate guitar art for sale on my website, however, it changes all the time. Check the website gallery to see what's available or email me directly at

Do you show your work anywhere?

I show my work at art shows in several states throughout the Southeast. You can check my blog to see where I'll be next. Or, follow me on Twitter at @petergeigerart to stay updated on my show schedule. You can also "like" my Facebook and Pinterest boards as I post regular updates on my work.

Do you make any other instruments? Do you make anything other than guitars?

Yes. Guitars are my passion, however, I have made other stringed instruments including banjos and violins. I also make a variety of pieces on commission. if you have something else in mind, email me directly at and we can discuss.