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License Plate Art

Family's American experience featured in guitar art

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Several years ago I met a family at a Chapel Hill art show. This year they commissioned me to create a license plate guitar that features details of their three-year stay in America. They will return to France in a few months, and wanted me to help them remember all the states they visited in the U.S. and their favorite spots in each. We used the red, white and blue to pay tribute to the American flag.

In New York it was the Chrysler building, in Washington, DC it was the Lincoln Memorial. They enjoyed Key West in Florida, Venice Beach in California, Charleston, South Carolina, and the national parks in Arizona and Utah.

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Their family name, Playe, appears on the neck, and their names are on the bridge. Their childrens' names are around the guitar's body, and Bertrand's birthdate date is on the keys.

I love being challenged by my clients, who continue to come up with new ways to use my artwork to pay tribute to what they find special. Keep the ideas flowing!

License plate Art