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License Plate Guitar Art for Rick Hendrick's Birthday

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I created this license plate guitar art as a birthday gift for Rick Hendrick, owner and founder of the Hendrick Automotive Group. Here's how it happened.

A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of being on American Real for MAVTV. The Charlotte-based production team of Kevin Mooney and Chip Zayak, shot the piece. They made it a terrific experience. 

During my interview, they asked me which piece was my favorite. While I've got a few, the first to come to mind was the license plate guitar I made for Brad Paisley that featured tags from his cars over the years.

As it turned out, they were shooting a piece with Brad Paisley the next day for AmeriCarna, a show that will air in January 2014.

It wasn't long before I received a call from the office of NASCAR great Ray Evernham, asking me to create a gift for Mr. Hendrick for his birthday. Mr. Evernham told me Brad Paisley raved about the piece I created for him. All I can say is man, did that feel good.

I interviewed Mr. Evernham and set about creating a piece that features the logo of the Americarna show. There are other details, like the "Mr. H" that appears on the bridge, that makes this one very special gift Mr. Hendrick.

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