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License Plate Art

A Great Collection of License Plates

Peter GeigerComment

My clients, Pam and Glen, are from the New England area, and saved some of the most colorful license plates over the years. They asked me to create license plate guitar art using their tags.

This uniqueness of this handcrafted guitar art is due to Glen’s passion for hunting down some of the neatest sports tags and symbols of the New England region.

In just one piece, it tells their story in such a colorful and creative way.

There are so many details to spot.

Around the outside body are references to family members and places of interest. Their wedding date and initials are displayed on the keys.

I have to thank my clients, Pam and Glen, for having the vision to see the guitar art that could be created from their license plates. I also want to thank them for allowing me tell the story of their New England heritage.

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