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License plate guitar: perfect personalized wedding gift

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They're the couple who have everything, or whom you want to give that something extra special. Several of my clients have come to me when the ordinary wedding gift won't do. If you want to think outside the box, we can work together to create a personalized wedding gift that tells the couple's story. My license plate guitars reflect their personality, and highlight the things that have meaning to them.

On each one, I weave in the states to show where they were born and raised, and where they started their married life together. I feature their wedding date, their names, special sayings, and their wedding songs. Take a look at the personalized wedding gifts I've created, and read about the details you should look for on each one. I'm told by my clients that these personalized wedding gifts are on proud display in the newlyweds' homes.  Give a personalized wedding gift whose joy will travel along with your favorite newlywed couple on their journey through life together.

personalized wedding gift license plate art

Above, a personalized wedding gift for a yoga-loving couple who have spent time in Georgia, Pennsylvania, New York and Virginia. They were married in North Carolina's Outer Banks, better known a OBX, in 2012. A yoga saying and sign are prominently featured in the center hole and on the bridge.

personalized wedding gift - license plate guitar

In this personalized wedding gift, the wedding couple was from Arizona. My client requested that the bride's name be featured around the center hole, and their married name be on the bridge. I captured one of their special photographs that the bride took in the center hole. My client downloaded it from one of their social media networks.

personalized wedding gift license plate guitar

The mom of this wedding couple commissioned this personalized wedding gift. Her daughter and son-in-law met at the University of South Carolina and are die-hard Gamecock fans. The Gamecock mascot is named on the bridge. One of their wedding photos appears in the center hole.

personalized wedding gift license plate guitar

A couple from California and North Carolina are the proud recipients of this personalized wedding gift. Their wedding song, Crazy Love, appears around the side of the license plate guitar. Their name is featured along the bridge.