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Custom License Plate Artwork

License plate art corporate gift

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Recently I was contacted by a towing company who challenged me to move beyond guitars and create a meaning holiday gift for their owner. I loved their idea. She wanted the art to feature their new Mack dump truck. She sent me a few photos of the truck, and I created this 3D piece of license plate art that they could proudly display in their corporate headquarters. 

License plate art

The piece measures 40x20x3 inches. I chose the green to match the truck, and painstakingly recreated the details, including the tires, the lights and the dark green shading on the truck. MACK is spelled out in license plates as well. I love the way the light reflects on the boom to make it look even more realistic. The photo below shows that the piece is 3-D. You can see the edge that brings this piece off the wall.

License plate art

I just shipped the piece and can't wait to hear their response. This makes me want to expand my horizons even more with my license plate art. If you have any suggestions or ideas for corporate gifts for your business, feel free to challenge me.