Peter Geiger

License Plate Art

Personalized Artwork as Thank You Gift Has Special Meaning

Peter GeigerComment

Here's the license plate art I created for Scott Borchetta, owner of Big Machine Records. It was commissioned as thank you for his generosity at the Americarna Live fundraiser, which I also participated in this year. 


The license plate art highlights what Mr. Borchetta origins and passions. He's from California and lives in Tennessee.

He's a big race fan so this piece pays tribute to the Dan Gurney Eagle, the Unser brothers and his Big Machine label group. I used the colors from the Johnny Lighting race car down the neck under his name because it is one of his favorites. The checked flag around the center hole represents his love of the Indy 500. I used Tennessee tags on the head stock. The right side keys are numbers from the Marty Robbins 777 race car. The left side keys are 24 for Jeff Gordon, and 98, which represents one of his own race trucks. The number 48 is Dan Gurney.

I want to extend a special thanks to the Americarna people for commissioning me to make this piece. It's definitely one of my favorites.