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Personalized photo gifts - license plate guitar kicks 'em up a notch

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Old photographs evoke such strong emotions. I often use my clients' own photos in their personalized license plate guitars. These license plate guitars kick the idea of personalized photo gifts up exponentially. I'm frequently told these personalized photo gifts will be cherished for a lifetime.

My dad and me on the beach in 1965.

My dad and me on the beach in 1965.

I realized just how important these old photographs are when I came across this photo of my father and me. I'm thinking of how I'll use it to honor him on Father's Day. It also make me stop and think about how important these captured images in time are to my clients, who ask me to incorporate their cherished images of individiuals, sunsets, and family portraits, in their license plate art.

I've used all types of photographs in my license plate guitars. These pieces have been given as personalized birthday gifts, personalized anniversary gifts, personalized wedding gifts, and in memory of loved ones. Each of these license plate guitars tell a story that touches the recipient in a way that few gifts can. I am constantly told by my clients that their loved ones will prominently feature their personalized gifts, featuring photographs that mean so much to them. I am honored to have the opportunity to work so closely with my clients, and bring others joy. 

Do you have a photograph that you want to frame in a personalized license plate guitar? Give me a call or drop me an email to discuss how we can turn it into a personalized gift for your loved one.