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Personalized Special Occasion Gifts for Special People

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You learn something from everyone in life. From these people, I learned how to give back.

Three years ago, I started helping Ray and Erin Evernham with their charity Ignite when Ray, a client, needed some artwork for his annual charity auction. He's a car guy from New Jersey with a racing background.  My artwork has helped raise money for this important organization. It really makes me feel great to know that I can make a difference and help out.

I created this piece for Erin and Ray when they recently celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary and Ray's 60th birthday. The license plate art represents their love of racing and the states they are from. They have two kids featured on the sides and a shamrock represents Erin's Irish heritage.

It's a custom, personalized gift that represents a milestone and special occasion.  Best wishes to this couple.



License plate guitar for National GUITAR Museum

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To say I was honored when the National GUITAR Museum asked me to create license plate guitar artwork for their traveling exhibit is putting it mildly. However, this experience wasn't just an honor. It was an opportunity to stretch myself and my license plate art; by placing license plates on an actual guitar, I was able to explore a new medium. (It reminds me of the time I created a laminate of my artwork for Taylor guitars. More about that here.)

Until now, my artwork have been sculptures of guitars that don't play, so this one is really special to me. I have been working about a year on this piece with the museum's curator, HP Newquist. When we first started talking, HP explained that the people at the museum really wanted a piece that would play, and asked me if I was up to this challenge. Being an artist is always challenging; I think it's one of the things that make it so special. I said yes. 

The guitar, which arrived a few months later, is a Fender Stratocaster. The license plates were donated by people at the National GUITAR Museum. When I inspected the tags, I immediately noticed the Connecticut saying, "Preserve the Sound." How appropriate, I thought,  since the tags are being used on my first piece that will actually make sound and be played. 

I always find it interesting how the artwork takes on a life of itself and how the tags always tell the story of the piece. The guitar has a very interesting sound and the reflective qualities of the license plates really take it to another level.

HP was kind enough to share kind words about about and photos of my license plate guitar sculpture on display at the Butler Institute of American Art in Ohio through April 2017.

If you would like to see this true license plate guitar be sure to visit the National GUITAR Museum when this exhibit comes to your city. Until then, here's a video I created of the guitar in action. Hope you enjoy it.

License plate art showcases its reflective qualities

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I recently created a piece of license plate art for a client from Germany who lives in Florida. He saw some of my work at a local Red Robin restaurant. He found me on the internet and ordered the Blues Brothers "On a Mission" piece. In the daylight it looks like this.

I always contact my clients after I ship their artwork to see how what they think. He told me he found a great spot to hang it and sent me this photo with a note that said, " we got this wonderful guitar and found a great place for it."

I was amazed at how well he caught the reflective qualities of the tags. Most clients don't know they are getting two pieces of art in one. The photo, above, shows the license plate art's normal reflection with general lighting. When it plcks up the light in a certain way, the reflective qualities of the license plates kick in and it changes, as you can see from this photo.


Thank you, Carsten, from sending it along.

Custom artwork for Bluegrass Festival

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Last year I met a client at Wide Open Bluegrass, a bluegrass festival in Raleigh NC. She runs a bluegrass festival in Maine and liked my work. When she asked about a custom piece, I told her I create them all the time. 

When she got in touch with me a few months ago, she was surprised I remembered our conversation. I've got a nack for remembering everything; just ask my wife. Some people's memory gets weaker as they age. Mine seems to get stronger LOL.

The end result to this story is the piece I will be shipping today for the Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass festival. Thanks to Patti Crooker for working with me on this project.

Bluegrass festival license plate art