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License Plate Art

License plate art showcases its reflective qualities

Music TributePeter GeigerComment

I recently created a piece of license plate art for a client from Germany who lives in Florida. He saw some of my work at a local Red Robin restaurant. He found me on the internet and ordered the Blues Brothers "On a Mission" piece. In the daylight it looks like this.

I always contact my clients after I ship their artwork to see how what they think. He told me he found a great spot to hang it and sent me this photo with a note that said, " we got this wonderful guitar and found a great place for it."

I was amazed at how well he caught the reflective qualities of the tags. Most clients don't know they are getting two pieces of art in one. The photo, above, shows the license plate art's normal reflection with general lighting. When it plcks up the light in a certain way, the reflective qualities of the license plates kick in and it changes, as you can see from this photo.


Thank you, Carsten, from sending it along.