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License Plate Art

Guitar art highlights favorite New York license plate

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Last month I was contacted by a client who found me on Facebook. He asked me to create a custom license plate art piece in a Stratocaster style. He's from NY and has played guitar his whole life.


I always like to conduct an interview with my clients to get a feel for the direction of the project. After his interview I needed something special to tell his unique story. I let it all sit for a few days. Then it hit me: it was time to use my favorite plate.


I keep the BORN2ROC vintage New York tag in my shop. I purchased it almost 4 years ago on Ebay. On our call, I told my client how special it is to me, but that it was time to use it. It complete's his story. 

When my daughter found out I was going to use the license plate, she ran outside and took the above photo

He's a New Yorker who plays in a band throughout the year while also being successful at his full time job. He truly is BORN2ROC.

He sent me this picture of it hanging in its new enviroment with this note.

"I love it! Came out great. Thanks so much and for offering the born to roc plate up!" - Paul๐ŸŽธ