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License Plate Art

License plate guitar for Bruce Springsteen fan

Peter GeigerComment
license plate art bruce springsteen.jpg

I met Glen and Pam at an art show in Raleigh NC several years ago, before they moved to North Carolina. They are from MA and RI, and seemed to have an instant interest in my work because of their vast collection of license plates. The first piece I created was a colorful array of New England-themed plates that they had saved over the years.

This time, Glen wanted me to do a Bruce Springsteen theme showcasing songs and all of the shows they had been to. He hunted down several small tags to recreate his story. It features the locations of shows around the outside of the body. The face has many of their favorite songs, and the pick guard is the boys in the band.

I have to give him all the credit for being able to think this one up. He has really grasped the concept of my work, and taken it to a new level.

Thanks for working with me on this piece.