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License Plate Art

Van Halen artwork request

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My client from Montana requested a piece to commerate their night at a Van Halen concert. They are big fans and got to sing part of a song on stage with the band.

They like Van Halen's Sammy Hagar era, and asked me to mix that in, if possible.

License plate art

I started with the classic Frankenstrat shape that Eddie Van Halen made famous as my canvas. I featured Montana tags up top because that's where my client is from. I spelled out Hagar on the keys at top. Van Halen is written on the neck. I recreated the Frankenstrat completely from license plates and used to of there album names as pickups. I used California tags to create the body shape in honor of the band's beginnings there.

My client loved it, and responded this way:  "I LOVE my new guitar art! Absolutely stunning and one of a kind!" 

I'm glad he liked it. I like it too.