Peter Geiger

Custom License Plate Artwork

License plate art for a bass player who loves the Red Sox

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My client's husband plays a Hofner Bass and loves the Boston Red Sox. She wanted me to incorporate tags from New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, and North Carolina - the states in which they have lived. 

License Plate art gift

He loves the Red Sox, is a big Carl Yastrzemski and Big Papi fan. He also went to NC State and has two kids.

All these points are featured in the piece. At the top on the keys you have the months his kids were born. Coming down the neck is RED SOX. The pick guard is his favorite logo. On the speed knobs are Yaz's number 5, Big Papi's number 27, and the NC State logo. 

The Hofner Bass style is my canvas. The tags used in this piece where very hard to come by. I had to call in a few favors to get them. The Fenway tag is nearly impossible to obtain. I waited most than one month for the Massachusetts Red Sox Jimmy V tag.

All in all, this is one special piece. My client loved it. Any Red Sox fan would too.