Peter Geiger

Custom License Plate Artwork

When the Beatles changed everything - license plate guitar art

Peter GeigerComment

Fifty years ago, the Beatles stepped off the plane at JFK and changed music forever. They were my inspiration for these license plate guitars that I created for a client in Denver.

I wanted to use the first images of the Beatles that popped into my head. When I close my eyes, I immediately see the Fab Four walking across Abbey Road. Songs from that album are featured around the body of the license plate guitar. Here Comes the Sun is one of the classics that remains popular today.

The next piece is a mash-up of the White album and Help, which both have simple white covers. The movie poster for Help was was a huge hit so I created silouhettes of the four and placed them against the stark white background. When you look at it, you can't "help" but start singing the song, "Help, I need somebody, Help not just anybody..."

I know. Now it's stuck in your head just like it's stuck in mine.