Peter Geiger

Custom License Plate Artwork

A Red Robin stop sparks idea for artwork to commemorate family trip

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I was contacted by a client who stopped in a Red Robin Gourmet Burger Restaurant and had seen my license plate art featured as part of their recent remodel project.

He said he had also seen me on TV a while back and always liked my artwork. While waiting for his food with his family, he realized my artwork would make a great custom piece to commemorate their summer family trip across the U.S.

They had taken their kids on a real patriotic journey. They visited many of the historic sites they would learn about in school. Th kids got to actually experience our American history instead of reading about it in a book or learning about it in a classroom.

American history in license plate art

Their stops included Ft. Henry in Maryland, Williamsburg, ,VA, Jamestown, PA, the Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross' house, and Gettysburg, PA. They went to the Hershey Factory too, as well as Boston, MA, the USS Constitution and Plymouth Rock.

My job was getting all those sites on my artwork. I got to work. 

I wanted a real patriotic feel to the piece and also wanted to highlight their family saying "5ISENUF." They have a personalized tag on there car that states this.The family is from NC and wanted this featured also. 

Personalized wall art features U.S. states 

I used license plates from all the states they visited, and put their kids' names around the outside and their photo in the middle. The flag theme ties it all together.

Greene Family 453.jpg