Peter Geiger

Custom License Plate Artwork

License plates' reflective qualities reflect on life

Peter GeigerComment

When clients see my artwork there's always some type of connection. Then when they look closer they see it’s not a real guitar it’s a sculpture made from vintage license plates. Then they get the story from the tags, the places they are from and the reflection qualities of the tags. The reflection is also a reflection of a life it's self.

Then they imagine what their story would look like in this format. They start to remember the places they have lived or traveled and music that has touched them along this journey called life.

Then I get the email about a request and the fun begins. This has been the best job I have ever had meeting so many great people along the way.

So here's another. Dan is from Illinois and spent most of his life in the Air Force and finished with the rank of Chief. The name of his company is "Prime Beef." He is a huge Johnny Cash fan, favorite song Get Rhythm. Being a loyal Cubs fan he wanted that featured too.'