Peter Geiger

Custom License Plate Artwork

Custom corporate gifts are well received

Peter GeigerComment

I have to say it's really fun being an artist. I have made so many new connections and love sharing my work with everyone on social media. When I received an order for five pieces to commemorate a company milestone I was very happy. The hard part was not being able to share any of this while it was on the bench. So to everybody on the web I just want to say, No, I did not take the month of March off; I was working. But I did go back to NY to see my family at Easter. And, when my sister said to me, "Peter, you haven't had a job in 4 years," all I could think was,  'damn (Daniel) that's good.' I work harder now than I ever did, and love every minute of it.

Now, here's what I did in March. Read more details and my client's gracious testimonial here: