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When i created my ArtPrize entry I knew I would have some really tough competition. That’s why it was such an honor to see my exhibit included among the top 25 in the 3D category.

How 50 Music Greats from 50 States Came to Be

I wanted to create a piece that would bring people together so I started with the subject of music. I think everyone loves music on some level. My medium is license plates. I love the reflective qualities they bring to every piece. So i mixed the two around America’s music history. What came I describe as a head-on collision between American Pickers and Rock and Roll history.

It Symbolizes the Similarities Between License Plates and Musicians

50 Music Greats from 50 State is a fun exhibit with lots of parts. First i point out the similarities between the license plates and music artists.

  • They both travel the road extensively.

  • They are iconically recognizable. You would be able to spot your home tag a mile away or a famous artist if you saw them out and about.

  • Several of the artists have seen the inside of a jail. Johnny Cash’s first hit and most famous live recording was about Folsom Prison. And this is where license plates are made.

Using License Plate to Reflect on Music History

The next part of my exhibit involves your cell phone. When someone takes two pictures of the exhibit — once without your flash and one with your flash - the exhibit reveals a surprise. Using the flash results lights up the license plates’ reflective qualities, and results in a reflective negative image. This is a true reflection of music history.


Viewing the Details of 50 Music Greats from 50 States

The last part of the exhibit takes place on my website, where I provide Details about each guitar sculpture. i explain why I selected the artist to represent each state, and how many tags it took to create the piece. Since this exhibit was created for ArtPrize 10 in Grand Rapids, MI. I used a small piece of a Michigan tag in each of the 50 pieces. You’ll discover where the hidden Michigan tag is located by reading the details for each license plate guitar sculpture.